It must be 2012 for I voted for Ron Paul...

When I say it must be 2012… I mean, crazy, end of the world, Nostradamus, et al 2012.

I live in Virginia. A state whose GOP saw fit to make it extremely difficult to get on the ballot. A state who even went so far as to disallow write-in campaigns for one election only – this one.

So, my guy(s) aren’t on the ballot – Perry nor Gingrich. So, yes, I cast a protest vote. I still “hope” that there will be “change” before November. That being Romney finally getting the picture and getting out of the race and the GOP straitening up and figuring out that we little people matter.

I am following the advice of Red State and I’m going to get involved. I’m going to find out how my local Republican precincts are set up, and though Fairfax County tends to be a Democrat stronghold these days, it wasn’t always so.

Be Breitbart.

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