R.I.P. just doesn't do Andrew justice...

I’ve always thought the R.I.P. thing was a little.. oh, I don’t know. Insufficient. I mean, as a Christian, I don’t really think of people as resting through eternity anyway, but rather, going to a “far, far better place” and all that. But with someone as pugnacious, vibrant, courageous, creative and motivated as Andrew Breitbart, I have a hard time thinking of him “resting” even after death.

Somewhere, this guy is looking down, probably cursing a bit, that the fight must go on, and he’s not there to do it. No doubt, he is missing the opportunities he would have had to spend more time with his young family. I know he must be at least somewhat gratified by the outpouring of support, since only someone as generous as he was can also appreciate such sentimentality.

I feel for his family, because, like him, I have four kids and a loving wife. I’m also 43. I’m a very part-time blogger, and a full-time IT guy, just making a living to make ends meet. But, I look at someone like him, a conservative rock star, as it were, and it reminds me of how much more I can do to live life to the fullest, to give more, to care more and to contribute more.

So, even in Andrew’s unfortunate and untimely death, he’s revealing and teaching Conservative thoughts to me and others and will, through the media he has set in motion, continue to do so for years to come.