Thank God for Sheldon Adelson...

Everytime I hear another goofy line dredged up as something that Santorum has said, I die a little bit inside. Bayer as birth control? (Yeah, I know it wasn’t him, but his backer, but Rick is just as bad…)

The only reason the MSM, Huffington, KOS, etc haven’t gone over Rick’s background is they figured there was no way in heck that the Repubs would nominate someone who so badly lost his last election. They just underestimated just how badly Conservatives detest Romney. When we’d all rather just take a toss of the dice on whatever may happen with a bunch of half-drunk delegates at the RNC, instead of go with Romney, or one of the other current stalwarts….yeah.

So, next time I’m in Vegas, I know what casinos I’m going to patronize! (Not that I’ve ever been.. but I’d like to someday!)

I still believe that Newt is able to put into words what I’m feeling about this country, this president and the world around us FAR, FAR better than Santorum or Romney. And if you think for a moment that words don’t matter, just look at Pres. Hopey Changey. (If you can stomach it.)

So, Mr. Adelson, THANK-YOU for keeping our hopes alive. If Newt can do well on Super Tuesday and take a large chunk of the South along for the ride, at the very least, we’ll have stymied Romney’s shot, which is about as best as we can hope for, at the moment. But hope springs eternal!