Wonder how many people Romney bussed in...

I mean, Ron Paul won the thing a few years ago, right? (After running off and finding out..)

Yes, he won last year and the year before. Romney won in the years 2007-2009. So, apparently, he’s familiar with what it takes to get votes there. That and the local Republican establishment is well represented there. I almost wish Ron Paul had shown up so his groupies could have shown the value of the straw poll there once again. (That is… a CPAC straw poll win and five bucks gets you a cup of coffee at Starbucsks.)

Oh, and According to Drudge, Romney has established himself as the frontrunner again, since he won in Maine, where apparently about five thousand people participated.

Hold on, I want you to get the full monty on this one. FIVE THOUSAND people delivered a large north eastern state. He had a bit over 2000 people to vote for him in Maine, and he walks away with the “win”.

I guess the stunning thing is that Maine even delivers delegates with so few votes. Or maybe there are only a couple of dozen Republicans in Maine. Who knows.

I guess the only positive aspect of an unfortunate death like Whitney Houston’s is that it actually makes more headlines than the false narrative that anyone actually wants Mitt Romney to be president.