Romney's Message of Destruction

Seriously. I like Gingrich – I actually think he’s a great American. He’s a leader who’s accomplished Big Things and he’s proven he can operate the machinery of government in uncanny ways. So, I’ll toss that out there right now. Would I rather a Ryan or a Perry or a Daniels or a Jindal? Yes. But, at this point, I will go with the one guy running who has cut taxes for real.

But Romney is unelectable. You cannot step on so many toes and expect to get elected. Just ask Newt Gingrich! Here’s the deal – Gingrich stepped on people’s toes in the name of Conservitism. He critiqued Reagan from the Right. He sometimes had to beat down his own side to get things done. Leaders do that at times.

Romney, on the other hand, is, to quote Pres. Clinton, practicing the politics of personal destruction. It’s ugly. I  hate it. His team gloats about literally destroying Gingrich. Not a fan of that type of gluttonous arrogance either.

I mean, here’s all this recent talk of religion, thanks to the National Prayer Breakfast – where’s the Christian attitude in what Romney’s doing? What, he says, “it ain’t beanbag” and that forgives the outright LIES from this guy?

At least when Gingrich feels like something goes too far, he yanks the ad. I actually respect that. It shows some flexibility, to say nothing of the fact that he doesn’t truly have the stomach for lying about a fellow Republican. You know, like what Reagan said, sorta kinda. (See: Reagan’s 11th Commandment).

I know, I’ve heard the argument that it shows that Romney is a “fighter”. Yeah, I’ve seen him or his surrogates spew lies about Gingrich, pushing the meme that he’s unstable or whatever. Yeah, right.  It’s no wonder that Newt’s ticked. He’s built a worthy legacy, one that Romney can only envy, and Romney wants to destroy it. All in the pursuit of a presidency he can’t win.

Hey Romney! The Press is lying to you! The Independents aren’t going to vote for you.