We all hate negative ads...

But why do people respond to them so much?

Maybe it’s just me, as a political junky, who is actually paying attention, and I am rip-roaring mad about the negative ads. Maybe Florida voters are light weights, I don’t know. Perhaps, the early voting efforts by Mitt’s machine made the difference.

According to Kantor Media, 92% of the ads in Florida were negative. Jeez. Seriously guys?

From the referenced article:

The Romney campaign is already training its sights on Gingrich. Former congresswoman Barbara Vucanovich, who was a member of Gingrich’s House GOP leadership team, told Nevada reporters that the former House speaker is “very cocky, arrogant,unreliable.”


Great. So, another ______ congresscritter who doesn’t like Gingrich. Great! So, why does that make Romney the least bit more compelling. Suddenly, that four years as a liberal governor isn’t much of a story, so yeah, let’s destroy the other guy, regardless of who it is.


Why is the Republican establishment so misguided? Does living in NYC and DC blind you to what’s happening in the rest of the country? What am I stupid? Obviously, it does.