Trump Protesters: The Immature Being Premature


Protesters have every right to peacefully protest the election of Donald Trump or anything else. However, it’s a mistake, for two reasons:

First, throwing a fit before Trump even takes office, dilutes the power of protest. If/when as President, Trump does something that causes them to take to the streets again, it’ll just appear to be ‘business as usual.’

Secondly, it points out an inconvenient truth about their perspective. The protesters (and progressives in general) believe in increasing Federal power; but apparently, they never considered that power could end up in the hands of someone they didn’t like.

And in that, there’s no hope for victory.

Should President Trump turn out to be a good or even a not-so-bad President, then protesters will have been proven wrong. If, however, President Trump wields the reins of power to the detriment of the country and/or the world, it won’t prove them right. To the contrary, that’d prove their support of an all-powerful Federal government to have been wrong.

The problem we all face isn’t in who is President, but rather in the precedent (progressives helped) set, which has bestowed the President (any President) with far too much power over ‘We the people.’