4 Reasons Why Trump Ditching the Debate is Brilliant

Here are 4 reasons why Donald Trump’s decision to skip Thursday’s debate is a brilliant political maneuver:

1.Trump hasn’t benefited from nor been hurt by any of the previous debates. So, it’s unlikely that skipping this debate will hurt his national poll numbers.

2.  Ted Cruz has been the hardest opponent for “The Donald” to outmanuever, especially in debates. By skipping Thursday, Trump leaves Cruz as the biggest target on stage. The other candidates will focus attacks on Cruz.  Everytime Trump has tried to take on Ted, talk radio has risen up in defense of the Texas Senator. But this Thursday, the rest of the field will all try and take Ted down a peg.

3.  Ted Cruz is leading as Iowa Republicans’ 2nd choice. The way caucuses work, Cruz is sure to pick-up lower performing candidates’ votes on caucus night. However, if enough bad blood is boiled on Thursday, Ted could lose some of those votes.

4.  Cruz has been labeling Trump as the establishment favorite between the two. By not showing up, Trump sets himself apart from any other candidate, establishment or not.