How Max Kellerman Taught Me About PC

In the early 2000’s I worked as an opinion columnist for BoxingPress.com (later renamed SecondsOut.com), and I occasionally conducted interviews. One such interview was with Max Kellerman, who ESPN2 had just hired as a commentator on “Friday Night Fights.” He and I are close in age and frankly I was jealous that he got the gig. So, I admit I tried to needle him.

Kellerman use to wear an ostentatious leather jacket on “Friday Night Fights.”I asked him, “Why does ESPN dress you up like Dally from  The Outsiders?”

To his credit, Kellerman kept his cool. He replied, “Look, boxing  is an aging sport, as far as its fan base. Without attracting younger viewers, it’s going to disappear from American television.  There’s no such thing as maintaining an audience, it’s either growing or dying. Sure, most fans would prefer an older, more conventional host. But those fans are going to watch regardless of who’s providing commentary. Hardcore fans can be taken for granted, because they’re going to tune-in no matter what.

His response exposed more than just how a network picks wardrobes. I’ve come to understand that the entire Mainstream Media takes Main Street America for granted the same way ESPN did hardcore boxing fans.

Main Street America is comprised of hardworking, taxpaying, God-fearing, law-abiding, middle/working-class men and women. They’re the Squares whom the MSM mock, but at the same time depend on as the foundation of its audience.

To grow its audience, the MSM uses PC culture to pander to less traditional groups, just like ESPN dressed a 20-something Kellerman to appeal to younger viewers.  PC culture blames Main Street for almost all of the world’s  injustice. Sure, that irritates Main Street, just like Max’ leather jacket irked traditional boxing fans. But, no matter how much politically correct crap is flung in their face, America’s “hardcore fans” still “tune-in.”

However, we live in world of constant change (as the media loves to remind us) and Main Street’s faith in the MSM may be slipping away. The Squares‘ embrace of Donald Trump is actually a symptom of that eroding trust, but it’s being reported as Main Street “giving in to fear.” In fact, it’s the MSM that ought to be afraid, because all its power comes from Americans believing in it, not the other way around.