Gun Control Won't Fly

President Obama’s push to prevent Americans on the ‘No Fly List’ from purchasing a gun may seem sensible at first; until it’s learned that 72 employees at the Department of Homeland Security are on that list.

The President doesn’t have the power to unilaterally enact gun control, but he does have the authority to terminate federal employees. If the President is truly concerned about everyone on the ‘No Fly List,’ then he should fire every federal employee who’s on it.

Because if, as the President contends, it’s “insane” to allow someone on the ‘No Fly List’ to purchase a firearm, then isn’t equally “insane” to allow that person to work at Homeland Security?

The President wouldn’t need to go through Congress to take this action. But it’s unlikely that any federal employee will be terminated because they’re on the ‘No Fly List.’

Perhaps President Obama believes that federal employees have a right to a job and that perceived right is more important than their constitutional rights. Or, maybe Obama simply overlooked certain details in a rush to respond to the San Bernardino tragedy. Whatever his reason, the President’s latest proposal on guns, much like those 72 Homeland Security employees, just doesn’t fly.