To Stop Syrian Refugees, Agree to Let Them In

To stop Syrian refugees from being imported to the homeland, congressional Republicans ought to agree to let in as many as the administration wants. Only one condition: Every Syrian refugee must be settled in the Hamptons.

If something like that passes congress, then no one need worry about Syrian refugees ever again.

The Hamptons are the playground for New York’s wealthy, including America’s most influential journalists and other prominent democrats. Obama would never import refugees to his base’s “safe space.”  But on paper the Hamptons offer the perfect solution.

  1. New York Gov. Cuomo (D) supports bringing Syrian refugees to the US.
  2. The area is expansive and doesn’t have a huge population, 9 months of the year.
  3. It’s far enough away from a major population center for safety, but still close enough for amenities.

Obama would have to sign the bill, or explain why the “1%” are too good for the refugees they’re pushing on the rest of us. Once Obama signs, the media spotlight dims and the administration would drag the entry process out in perpetuity. No mainstream “journalists” would hound him about the hold up.

The media will throw a tantrum and attack the GOP. But that will backfire and widen the chasm between the media and the public’s trust.