The Obvious Questions Moderators Refuse to Ask

Every debate moderator asks: Can we really deport 11 million people?

The establishment says: No. They’re against enforcing those laws. They prattle on about how illegals should:  Have to get in line, learn the language, pay a fine, etc..

Well the must media agree, because no moderator has asked the obvious follow up questions:

If the United States is incapable of deporting 11 million, how many could be deported?

Will there be a deadline that illegals will have to meet, or else then be deported?

 Also, should illegals who were in the country for the last amnesty but did not take advantage, be allowed to participate, or should they be deported? If yes, how is that fair?

Hard to questions to answer, but easy questions to  think to ask.  Why hasn’t a single moderator thought to ask?  The answer is either incompetence or bias.