There Must Be Consequences

The University of Missouri protesters’ first demand: Admit White Privilege. They know that once the institution accepts their theory, it becomes fact. Everything the school does from now on will be colored by their new “truth.”

The protesters’ successful strategy ought to be co-opted by the right in its battle against media bias.

The left makes demands that reshape the institutions they target. However, the right won’t even make demands on institutions targeting them.

A perfect example of this can be found in how the right responded to media attacks on Dr. Ben Carson.  While many stepped forward to defend Carson, far too many added this caveat:

‘Carson is wrong to say that just because the media did not vet Obama, that they have no right to ask questions of him.’

Wrong. There must be consequences to past (and present) actions. The media must be held to account for its’ coverage of  presidential politics for the past 2 cycles. Remember that “Journalism” is defined by journalists. They show us what journalism is. In 2008 they changed journalism. They did not vet the winning candidate. That set a new standard that has been in place ever since.


But now, they’re digging into Carson, who is the front runner. So we’re owed an explanation as to why they’re changing the standard they set. Is it because “journalists” made a mistake in covering the last 2 presidential elections? What makes this change necessary? These are the same sort of questions real journalists would ask of an institution they were covering; so they should be prepared to answer those questions without a second thought.

If the media isn’t held to account, then it won’t ever change. By holding journalist accountable for their actions, we force them to admit their bias.  Only then will there be  institutional changes to cure the injustice of media bias.