OH says NO to Pot, for now

Ohio overwhelmingly voted “No”  to issue 3, which would’ve created a constitutional amendment legalizing medicinal and recreational marijuana. While voters in municipal year elections tend be more conservative, the Left  smoked 3 as much as the Right.

Ohio’s liberal elite were appalled that the issue 3  also would’ve bestowed the campaign backers  the exclusive right to produce all marijuana sold in the state. The institutional Left and Right banded together to brand  issue 3 as creating a “monopoly.”

Ohioans were turned off that their constitution would be used in such a way.  Perhaps they were unaware  that Ohio’s constitution created similar “monopolies” for liquor distributers and casinos.

The Left actively discouraged  pro-pot Ohioans to sit this one out, by promising that a “better… fairer bill” is on its way in 2016. Without support from any end of the political spectrum, issue 3 was doomed.

There may be more to the Left  abandoning bud than them standing on principal.

Democrats need  a “sexy” statewide referendum to entice younger Ohio voters to the polls next year. Hillary Clinton can’t play the pied piper like Obama. Marijuana Legalization could be Clinton’s carrot on a stick (insert Houston joke here).