9/11 15 years later


Welcome to The Brad Essex Report. Where to begin? The day started almost suddenly for me living in Tulsa. The weather as sunny with the sky blue as the oceans but a little chill of a early fall. At the time I was living with my folks and my brother George and Step Brother Chris. I was suddenly got focused after being woke up by my brother George. He told me a plane had hit the World Trade Center. Watching Fox News we saw the other plane hit the tower one plane is a accident two plane means it was a attack. Then we hear about two other planes being held by terrorists but this was after I got to work. My brother and father told me while I was working the lunch shift who were condemning the attacks and what was happening. After I got off I hurried straight home to see what was being said. I then call my mom in Texas to see what she thought about it and stuff. Then the building collapses First the south tower then the north. I remember I had a classmate who mom worked in New York City. I wonder if she was there and if she got out. I never did found out. Then building 5 fell down afterward. It was a horrible sight to see. That night I didn’t get much rest because I wanted to know who cause this and what we will do as a nation.

President Bush made a speech at the White House telling us we will find the killers who did this. Watching the people cleaning up ground zero was inspiring and heart breaking because many of those guys were firemen who lost their friends in that area. Then we found out about the crash at the pentagon and the open field in Pennsylvania. We found out about the heroics of Todd Beamon and other to stop the terrorists from hitting their intended target. Meanwhile in Pakistan and other Arabs countries they celebrated by burning our flags and shouting death to America. While many of our Allies morns with us. Tony Blair sent his regrets. Saying that a attack on us felt like a attack on them.

“We have assembled here today  in order to bow our heads in sorrow and deep mourning over the deaths of innocent citizens in New York and Washington perpetrated by criminal terrorists of the worst kind that the world has known since World War II, and even beyond.” said the then Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

Then speeches became action we attacked Afghanistan. We passed the patriot act which in hindsight could of done a little better to not invade our privacy. Yet today we still face the Islamic extremism that won’t quit till it kill us all. Yet we as a nation don’t see how evil they can be. Their evil killed 49 people in Orlando. 49 people who were LGBT. this should of raise the anger of even the most peaceful liberal. Yet nothing but the blame game we get told or the guns did it not the monsters that actually did the job.

We must never forget the lives that were lost and we must be ever vigilant to fight for what this country stand for the rights to speak your mind even if it the wrong tone or views. Also we must honor the ones who has fallen to keep our way of life. Police included when we lost sight of how great this country is we will lose our country.


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