The Madea factor

Last week on Susie Moore show i talk about outreach for the minority community. I call it the Medea factor. Why i call it that because of this when i was in  Houston i use to notice on tv a lot of shows for the black community. One of the show was about Madea. I didn’t know how big it was going to be till i saw the first Madea movie opened up.  Then i read up on Tyler Perry and saw that many of his theater show were successful because of word of mouth and commercials. So here my theory on how to get the black community to listen to us and see that conservatives values is their values. First find some good writers Sonja Smith was a writer for in living color. Evan Sayat was a writer for Arsenio Hall. Use these two people to write the show.


Second good entertainment. You all know Alfonzo Rachel of Zo Nation right he has a band 20 lbs. of  sledge.  We have some funny people of  of different backgrounds. Let’s use them.  Then let get someone who know history like herman cain or Thomas Sowell  or Larry elders. These mens will tell the true history of black culture and how republicans help them while the democrats use the kkk to intimidate blacks to be second class citizens. I remember watching arrested development the music group and they had a older band member that used to tell stories about the black culture. The men above will fill that role.


Third the main thing is get on radio stations and don’t make it sound like a political rally instead make it a historical musical variety show. A show where they can be told the truth without the bully pressure of a Obama rally. You do that you will change their views and not put them being called a sellout or a uncle tom. Change can happen but it must be done in a way that they can accept it. You can’t force change on them because they will be hostile to it. You must make in a way that they think they the one who thought up the idea. Despite the msm views. Blacks are not stupid and we need to show them that we know what they can do and embrace them. The time to win this country back is now.  So all hands on deck we have a country to save.