Being american is easy protecting your values is hard

This week Maria Conchita Alonzo was forced out of a play in  San Francisco. Why because she chose to support Tim Donnerly for governor of California.  The director of the show didn’t want her because she  “Of course she has the right to say whatever she wants. But we’re in the middle of “the Mission”. Doing what she is doing is against what we believe,” I high lighted the mission why because they believe in La Raza. One of the part of La Raza is Reconquista is for all intent the conquest of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. They want to turn it into Aztlán their mythical homeland that was taken from them by the “White Man”.

Full disclosure i am half Mexican on my mom side and her family when she was growing up my grandfather didn’t speak Spanish in the household he wanted his kids to grow up and get a chance to succeed in  our country. A few people would say he didn’t care about his skin color because he was making his kids into Americans. First  of  all screw you and second because he did that all my mom sisters and brothers were successful in getting good jobs.  Having family of their owns and living a good moral life.

These Reconquista want people to suffer because if they had their way it would be ruled under socialization and a Distributism economy that would hurt people rather then help people. They would put segregation on anyone not Mexican and drive them out by force if need be.  They claim that we stole their land even thou we won that land thru the texas war of 1836 and then war of 1845. Then we brought the remaining land via the Gadsden Purchase. Plus we gave money about 15,000,000 to Mexico and pay part of their debts of $3.25 million.


I see what illegal do now like  in Robtown, Texas they closed the Wal Mart because the people there kept stealing from them. The police force had pulled over me and my brother one time because we were wearing sport jerseys because we looked suspicious even thou we were waiting for my dad.  The illegals steal stuff from rent a center and ship it down to mexico and are married to someone down there while being married to someone else here.  These are some of the things that i see and Maria see but we are called racist because we want to deport the rules breakers and protect the legal ones here.

That OK because Maria is a movie star she’ll be OK and I’m proud of her for standing up for American values. There will be more people standing up because Obama is giving us a screw job and not offering us the reach around.  The director of the play Maria left will not be noticed now because she’ll have to use the understudy. I hope one day she’ll grow up and see that leftist views hurt her in the pocketbook.