Melissa Harris Perry comedy fail.

Melissa Harris Perry

This is Melissa Harris Perry. A few days ago she had a panel to discuss the year in pictures. Then the picture of Mitt Romney came up with his family and his grandson who happened to be black. One of the panelist started to sing one of these thing is not like the other. Another one say it’s sum up the diversity of the GOP. Let me tell you something if the table were turned around and a republican did this he would of been fired before the segment ended.

Ms.Perry offered a apology on both twitter and on her show. Yet does she really mean it. I mean she was the one who knew how the segment was going to go yet she didn’t think to stop the picture from coming on the air.

The thing that bothered me most being beside mocking Mitt Romney grandson for being black is that they attacked a baby. Who get their jolly off making fun of a baby? That is a sign of someone who is not well. The libs would say you mocked Chelsea Clinton most GOP I know didn’t do anything of the sort. I did but I was near the same age as her so I did. In hindsight may of not been the best decision I’ve made but hindsight 20/20.

You’ll never hear me mock Obama kids in fact it’s the one good thing about Obama I will admit. They seem to be good kids. Kids should be off the table in attacking someone. My friend Sarah Palin kids are attacked daily. Even tiny sweet boy Trig is mocked for his physical disability. Yet the dems think it fair game because you decided to get in the spotlight. Wrong in fact if you use kids to help with your argument you lost and you just making yourself look like a fool.

If Melissa Harris Perry want to do right she’ll have Mitt Romney on the show and say sorry to his face. Don’t hide your apology in hashtags or fake tears. Stand up and face the person you hurt. If Obama can do a beer summit for a Camden cop and his buddy. You can at least talk to the grandfather of the baby you let your panel insulted.

One last thing how does it feel to mock someone that will be walking the same shoes you wore when you were a kid and had to deal with having a white parent?