New York Times love of Hilary take 2

So today the New York Times wrote an article about Benghazi not being a attack by Al Qaeda. And instead they blame the attack on a YouTube video which was Debunked by many informants and videotape evidence that showed it wasn’t the case. This whole thing was planned out in advance and was told to the US Embassy that they would be attacked on this date.

This was an attempt by the New York Times to gloss over the evidence of Benghazi attack to protect Hilary Clinton if she decides to run in 2016. She is a person they have put their hope On her to make sure that she gets rewarded for letting Barrack Obama win in 2008

Yet we are supposed to fall head over heels for her because she related to Bill Clinton. In my estimation she should not be pres. of United States if you willing to go backward for your enemies are you going forward to slurp up the enemy love juice to harm the United States of America. She should not be rewarded for harming four great men who served this country just because she is Hillary Clinton she should be locked up in prison unless she is willing to give us information about what did Barack Obama do on that night when al Qaeda attacked the embassy.

This country is not a monarchy this country is a constitutional republic that must stop people who are related to other people from running for president unless the person that is running is qualified in their own right.

Yes it’s been leftist dream to have a monarchy in a way that they will have power no matter what happen to our great country. Now we need to remember that Jay do not need power or to be controlled by men like George Soros and we need Independence thinkers like Ted Cruz and Mia Love.