The hipster doofus guide to selling Obamacare!


You have all seen this clown imploring you to talk to your family about Obamacare. Let’s talk about the picture the guy look like a young 20 something guy. So first of all why does he care about Obamacare when he can stay on his parents plan till he’s 26. Most likely thou is that his family is going to lose their coverage because of Obamacare and any new coverage will have deductible that triple that of their old coverage.

Plus Obamacare trying way too hard to get the young people to sign up for it. They never met one of these young folks if they get sick or hurt they use a fake ID to get medical care and pay out of pocket if they have to. What about people who have a job. They now going to pay more for stuff that were cheaper before Obamacare.

Yet the Obama people are saying you can get free screening to see if your having a baby and if you don’t need a baby then free birth control pills. Yeah tell that to the people who are dying of cancer who now are losing their insurance and their Dr. Like Gateway pundit who have a health scare and now finding out he going to lose his insurance.

This whole thing like I said is the gateway drug for single payer. Plus it will strain a already bloated Medicaid program. So how we fix it well 2014 coming soon rather then later we need some people to stop Obama and his lately get along gang of John Boehner and John McCain. Plus know your candidates find out if they are for small government or putting on a song and dance to get elected.

Finally I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you all Merry Christmas on December 25 the reason for the season was born. We need to remember that in the end we are all in this together and we just trying to keep this country the best in the world. God bless you all and if you want to donate to my Christmas fund raiser here the site
Have a merry Christmas and I ‘ll still be here rattling the libs cage.