Nelson Mandela A anti hero

I’m watching the Nelson Mandela funeral and to many he was a example of a hero. He did help free his nation from apartheid. Yet he was without sin. he’s supported communist views and have continued to insult our presidents thou they gave money to fight aids in his country.

Many in our country have compared Obama to Nelson Mandela. Thou Obama is the first black president like Mandela. He did not improved race relation like Mandela did yet he has embraced communist learning like him.

Obama will be compared to him because the Libs will say that conservatives fought him like Mandela when the only reason we hated Obama is because his policy. Race was and never will be a factor in why we didn’t like him. Obamacare,Fast and Furious, Cash for clunker and 23% unemployment for the black community. Those were the reason we didn’t like him unlike in South Africa they would of hanged Obama for thinking he could lead a country.

Mandela death only showed that we could do so much better then Obama. I want a leader like Allen West, Sonnie Johnson, Charles Payne, or Dr. Ben Carson. Yet we have a leader that don’t tell the black youths hey let not hurt people let’s work on being better. Education is the key to a better life not just being a Rapper or Athlete. Yet here’s a president who has said a Camden cop acted stupidly just because he was doing his job. Also said that if he had a son he would be like trayvon martin. Yet no words from him about stopping the knockout game.

Plus he want amnesty so more Blacks can be out of the job and be forced to apply to welfare. Yet he will be called Mandela like because he suffered to be president. In my view that just pandering to him instead of doing their job. To criticize him would be good because that is one of our freedom to do. Yet they pander him because to say something against him is racist. So while a lot of people mourn for Nelson Mandela. Let’s not forget that Obama can be criticized. Nelson Mandela had to deal with that all his life.