The knockout game how to fix it

The knockout game is a serious game that need to be dealt with. We need to take care of it by doing some simple Things like figure out how to appeal to them in a way to not attack people. The simple fact is they are attacking people because game today job climate of unemployment that have reach 23% with African-American in United States because they are lacking job opportunity to succeed in this great country.

But why are they lacking opportunity but it’s a simple fact African Americans are expected to be victims in this society. They are told that the only way to be successful is to be rappers or basketball players. Or they are to be Victims and apply for welfare or food stamps and leach off the government.

What happened to them it’s simple really when you have leaders like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson they are led to be slaughtered by life. They need to learn from better leaders like Col. Allen West or Crystal Wright and not be told that life is hard they need to realize that getting an education is what is important in life and that the only thing that will help them get out of the quandary of being labeled second class citizens. Then they will see that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are race hustlers and will never lead them to prosperity.

Now where is Obama in all of this he is leading from behind and not considering the fallacy of the knockout game. he would see the need to see that African-American are told that knockout game are bad and trying to work on getting a good paying job is good. Yet he is more concerned with Obamacare then actually helping the United States become a more prosperous country.

I do hope that America go pass racial lines and work together as one to make this country a more prosperous nation. Also that African-American need to see that they are a great tool for the country and that they need to be more proactive in breaking the stereotype of being called lazy and not caring about work.

Conservatives need to be proactive as well in showing conservatives who are African-American who have high-paying job that not related to sport or acting or rapping. Great Americans like Charles Payne and Herman Cain or Sonnie Johnson should be touted by conservatives as hard-working American who are not celebrity.

Freedom is not color blind freedom is what you make of your life and that the African-American community is a great tool that had not been fully realize. Ehen as a nation See the African-American community for what it’s worth Then it’s will be a sight to behold