Brobamacare where people stop acting smart and start smoking the crack.

If you have seen the new ads for Obamacare they have took the obamacare failure to new heights. What I’m going to attempt to show here is the real message behind these ads.


This ad say yes I’m a woman who need daddy government to help me because I’m a sucker for catch phrases. Plus I’m too cheap to get birth control pills on my own.

Lame 2

This one says look we’re trying to act hip and exercise our freedom away. Also we look like we are constipated. I would look sick too if they knew that Obamacare had death panel. They would end your life to defray costs if they think it’s would be a burden to take care of you.


This one says hey hipster people look at us selling our integrity away. On a policy that could potentially wreck the best health care system in the whole world.


Hey we’re broke but don’t worry we can still be on our folks insurance till we’re 26 years old. Talk about girl power & empowering yourself.


Hey kids after you sign up for obamacare you are going to need to drink a keg with the high premiums on your health care plan. Also you’re paying for illegals and people who abuse welfare to give them free healthcare. Thank Obama.

Finally this one
lame 6

Yay Obama. Thank to my health care plan being so expensive that the only person i can afford to get a date with is a cut out of Ryan Gosling.

These ads are just another round of Obamacare failing to do what it’s was intended to do. Since 2010 Obama knew the risks of passing this bill yet failed to stop it. Now what we have is eggs on our faces and the world is mocking us because of Obama failure to lead. Now the only thing we have is a 63 millions dollars crappy website and ads that would of shamed our grandparents. Thank Obama.