Obamacares about what i have no ideas.

This week we found out that maybe 3.8 millions people will lose their health care. Obamacare have done more damage then Chris Christie at a buffet table look when something is obviously bad for this country you get rid of it but in Obama America it’s is praised and lied about. mycancellation.com is showing all the canceled policy notice people are getting.

Yet Obama tells us you can keep your health care plan “if it hasn’t changed since the law’s passed.” So he saying it the insurer fault that the plan was cancelled. Yet we found out Three years ago, a trusted Obama health care adviser warned the White House it was losing control of Obamacare. In fact he said “I do not believe the relevant members of the administration understand the president’s vision or have the capability to carry it out.”

Then there was a study that said In the average state, Obamacare will increase underlying premiums by 41 percent. As we have long expected, the steepest hikes will be imposed on the healthy, the young, and the male. And Obamacare’s taxpayer-funded subsidies will primarily benefit those nearing retirement
Yet Obama was so scared about the true nature of Obamacare coming out the White House became secretive about the law’s complexity and regulatory reach. Yet Obama is doing his campaigning for it. He’s in Dallas tomorrow to thank his morons i mean Navigators for enrolling people in medicare. Sorry i mean Obamacare. For those who don’t know Navigators are people who are going to collect your info while the site is down then enter the info in the computer when the site is back up. What could go wrong with someone having your personal information. Yet over 75% of people are being told that medicare will be their insurance yet adding more tax payers burden to a system that will fail and then be changed to single payer program is not good.

Yet when pushed for answers we get a lot of crying and gashing of teeth. Jay Carney when asked “How can Obama claim that users can bypass the website and apply by phone in 25 minutes when O-Care’s phone operators are stuck in the same circle of 404 hell on Healthcare.gov as the rest of the country? You’re not enrolling when you call the hotline. No one’s calculating your subsidies or signing you up for a particular plan. All you’re doing is handing off your information to a government worker who’ll create an account for you on the system while we wait for The computer A Team to staple and duct-tape Healthcare.gov into a semi-functioning hub. In which case, in what meaningful sense are you “bypassing” the website? All the important stuff is still in limbo until the website works.”
Jay Carney answer basically was “Screw you we’re the government”.

Still this is a big deal because of this we have a chance to really own 2014. First by getting the right candidates in primary to unseat crony politicians and then get laws that will help americans. Unlike the obamacare website we can fix this government.