Obamacare website fails because Obama want a russian type healthcare.

Yesterday President Obama was crying about the fact that people have not signed on to his website. It’s because the website is broken. The fact they poured 648 millions on this site will make you scream. They didn’t test the site until one week till the opening of the website. This site is a glorify geo cities website. In fact i think they use AOL as the servers. The fact that a government agency have this much problem with the website tell you how bad obamacare is. Then Obama gave out a phone number that basically when typed out is F you when you dial the number. Thou the number is about as bad as the website always busy and you can’t get a hold of anyone.

Then to top all that crap then Obama said,” You can turn to one of our health care navigator to help you”. Yet we do not know who these people are if their from this country or have a criminal record like this one in Kansas that had a warrant for her arrest. See this article here. http://nation.foxnews.com/2013/10/15/obamacare-navigator-wanted-police Yet Obama want to trust them to keep our financial info private.

This all a ruse for Obama to implement the single payer health plan that have harmed people of many countries like Russia, China,England and Cuba This idea will not work why? Ask Hawaii Ex. Governor Linda Lingle she had a plan like single payer for kids in Hawaii but she was quick to find out that people were taking advantage of that and because everyone added their kids to the program not enough people were left around to pay for it so she had to stop the program. This is why we need to keep fighting to stop obamacare. If it goes single payer I know that so many people will hop on that train it will force the Government to raise taxes to sustain it. Like Cash for clunkers, The stimulus program and the Auto Bailout.

That why we need to stop and listen to Dick Cheaney and know that the Tea Party is a force for good we nee to get rid of the old establishment type and bring in some fresh blood as in no more Ms.Lindsey Graham or Mccain or Peter King. Time for victory is now and Ted Cruz have showed us the path.