The vet's showed us it's time to get out the old folks of congress and get in some new blood.

This past Sunday a million vets converged on Washington D.C. to protest the white house for closing their memorials. Many conservatives people were there to help them removes the Barrycade and let our vets in their memorial. Sarah Palin, Louis Gohmert, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee spoke at the event to remind people that the government works for them not the other way around. Now this also highlight another thing. These men as well as Rand Paul need our help big time. The time is now to put aside our fighting and elect people that will carry our conservative values to congress as well as state houses across this nation.

Right now I’m encouraged by the people that are running. First we have Steve Lonegan this Wednesday he has a chance to be a Republican senator from New Jersey for the first time in 42 years. He’s up against Cory Booker a shady person who done a lot of publicity stunts that people are impressed with yet behind all the TV appearance is a man who is a habitual liar. Most biggest lie was about his childhood friend t-bone who is not real. All made up to pretend to be from the street when in facts his folks worked as Executives at IBM. While Steve Lonegan on the other hand has been fighting to control spending in his town while mayor of his town Bogota New Jersey. Plus he work for America for Prosperity fighting to lower taxpayers burden in New Jersey.

Then we have my friend Joe Miller in Alaska he is running against Mark Begich. Joe will be targeted by Libs because he is friends with Sarah Palin. He was defeated by Lisa Murcowski in 2010 by shady means like using a videotaped recording from Ted Stevens even thou he died earlier that year and had supports from Unions and Democrats. Also used a write in campaign even thou she said she wouldn’t run in general election and violated state laws by winning even if they misspelled her name or other rules as being a write in candidate. Joe Miller is a leader who served his country and ready to lead in the senate.

Then there Ken Cuccinelli running for Governor in Virgina. He has fought for the repeal of Obamacare and sued for it repel while as state Attorney for Virgina. Now he running against a man Terry Mcauliffe who used dirty tactics to profits from business. As well as not caring about the issues and saying he will not read bills handed to him if he Governor of Virgina.

Finally for now we have Mia Love she is a awesome Mayor of Saratoga Spring Utah. While as mayor she cut expenses to lower the city debt. She almost won in 2010 but lost by 768 votes. She will be bringing fiscal leaning to congress and a role model for young people everywhere.

Remember folks that you have a voice in this country. The government are scared of you. Why you think they put up those Barrycade because they wanted you to suffer from government shutdown. you must practice civil disobedience and knock down those gates. Elect the people i’ve mentioned to help restore our country. Let open those gate for men like this one.