Obamacare is broken and so is our way of fighting it too!

This week we are in a middle of a shutdown of epic proportion says the democrats. Thou the only things they done is shamed our greatest generation by not letting those coming in from honor flights to go to their memorial in D.C.

Also the Obamacare exchange has open thou it’s a website full of fail evidenced by this loser Chad Henderson claiming he got the Obamacare plan yet when push come to shove he didn’t. Read here. http://twitchy.com/2013/10/04/father-of-chad-henderson-channels-bill-clinton-claim-that-son-did-not-lie-or-mislead-shredded/ Even Ms.Ainsley Earhardt tried to get in on the Sean Hannity program and she was not successful. Even the power of having Ann Coulter with her couldn’t get her in the website.

Yet for all the victories we are having I feel a little off lately. Conservative are giving up on social media because of infighting and other stuff. I miss reading a Kevin Eder slam of a white house troll. Evan Pokroy giving us the scoop in what happening in Israel. Even Cubachi slapping people around with her researched posts about issues and Sarah Palin.

I guess with my friend Andrew Brietbart gone people are less likely to fight. Now thou is not the time to cower in fear. We must take the fight to the Dems. Right now Bruce Carroll is doing projects to remove Miss Lindsey Graham. Soopermexican is figuring out ways to make sure filibuster cheater and leader of the infanticide brigade Wendy Davis does not become Governor of Texas. Nick Searcy is teaching us the way of Hollywood in his Acting School.

I want you all to see that we agree to about 90% of the issues and there are some powerful ones like shrinking the budget. Drilling for more oil in America. Plus control of our school from leftist teaching. The issues we don’t have a agreement on is few and far between but i fear it will rip us apart.

Remember we are a group that talk things out over a shiner or for us Kansas folks a Boulevard beer. We don’t throw temper tantrum like Obama does like what he is doing because he can’t go to Asia to hang out with his people.

The Libs love to see us fight each other because they think that they can pull more crap over us and we won’t see it because we’re too busy fighting each other. This has got to stop we need to circle the wagon and fight because if we can get the senate in 2014 we can really nail Obama on things like Fast and Furious and Benghazi. Obama would be powerless to stop it. It’s up to you thou to stop fighting each other and fight the Libs. Get out there and talk to your neighbors. Have a get together and have free foods and while there talk about how this country has lost its way and as neighbors stand together and vote in conservatives people that will support our country.

Remember two things first always stay in character. That Nick Searcy way of telling you don’t try to be someone else or support things that don’t support your values. Two if you are fighting with someone go i agree to disagree with you and I’m going to block you for as long as it take to cool down and remember to save your attacks on someone who needs it. Like Chad Henderson.