9/11 as anniversary near the people want safety at home.

This Wednesday is the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy. While this is going on President Obama will be giving a speech on Tuesday to address the nation about if the U.S. should attack Syria. This Syrian war is none of our business. This conflict should be fought in Syria by Syrian. Yes they have WMD in chemical weapons. The fact of the matter is thou if we attack Syria what will happen then. The most obvious thing is Israel will be attacked. If Israel is attacked more Muslims countries will join in because they will see it as a excuse to help a fellow Muslim country.

President Obama must not attack Syria. First we do not know which rebels group will side with our country. As it stand now the rebels are led by a Al Qaeda offshoot. Second we don’t have the backing of the international community. They are not willing to enter a fight that have no clear objective and no exit strategy.

Instead we should get our troops home and protect this nation. As 9/11 draws near we must remember that there hidden danger in this country we must find and destroy. The NSA must changes their way to operate in a way that is not breaking the law but is helping to find and fight terroristic activity. Furthermore this country must send our troops to the borders of Mexico and Canada to protect it from terrorists that would use the borders for easy access to smuggle weapons and money thru the border.

President Obama must also convince President Vladimir Putin that helping us fight terrorists would be good for his country and remind him that his country had suffered from Islamic attack like us in Moscow and in Beslan. Make a deal that don’t hurt us in protecting our allies but help Russia with a need. Therefore solidifying a alliance to help us when we really need it.

9/11 for me started like any other day I was in Tulsa, Oklahoma it’s was a nice crisp cool sunny day. I was sleeping at home before work and then my brother woke me up with the news and then I turned on fox news. I called my mom in Texas to see if she saw it and then I realized its wasn’t a accident and when the second plane hit I was stunned and said to my dad, We are now at war. I wasn’t focused at work when I got there. I wanted to go home and see what was happening. All I could think about is my friend Alyssa Cochran and that her mom worked in New York City. Near the World Trade Center. I still to this day do not know if her mom was able to make it out alive. As the days gone by all i could think about is why this happened and who do we need to pound to stop this madness. Now as we face another kind of madness today. I hope that President Obama see that by going to war he invalidated the Nobel Peace Prize that he won and he should send it back. The people who had cried out Bush is a war criminal should be doing the same for Obama. Yet in this Bizzaro world the critics will be quiet and the country will scream out but Obama won’t listen.