Syria bombing and why Obama legacy will be known for as being a bald faced liar.

Well folks this week we found out that Syria has used WMDs toward it’s people even thou we have conflicting reports on who did the gassings. Ether way Obama is now pondering the plan to attack Syria without congressional approval. Yet Obama while on his job as part time senator has said that he does not believe a president should take any military actions without congressional approval.

Now he’s saying he does need congressional approval because our allies are like there is no way we are going into this mess. Which should be the president view. Yet he’s trying to go in there all gun firing without congressional approval because he need another distraction on the fact that there is no jobs with nearly 12.6% for blacks unemployed and teens are at 23.7%. Obamacare is hurting the hiring practice. I have seen that for new hires at taco bueno for example they are not to work for more then 30 hours per week. Yet here Obama sending warships and the USS. Nimitz to the Syrian coast.

What is the mission objective Mr. president and then what is the exit strategy? What will you do if Israel is attacked? Will you defend them or will you go on and say that is not one of our objective to protect Israel? This whole thing is a bad idea sir. You didn’t see anyone come to the north or south aid during our civil war did you Mr. President? The Syrian are dying but that doesn’t mean we should stick our neck out there to get our troops hurt and possibly Israel people killed and escalating this into a bigger conflict. Who do we ally ourselves with? The rebels even thou they are controlled by Al Quieda or President Assad and we know what he is capable of including Gassing his own people. This conflict is not our fight we should of helped Iran when they needed help and not any country that is pro Islamic jihadist. Obama is like a kid with a ant farm and deciding who lives and die. It’s time to take away the ant farm and tell him to do his homework and help find jobs for Americans.

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