Autistic boy get hated on and why this topic is important

If you haven’t seen the letter that a mom got about her autistic son click here to read about it. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/08/19/read-the-unbelievably-hateful-letter-sent-to-family-with-autistic-child-do-the-right-thing-and-move-or-euthanize-him/ This person hate on someone who have a disability is very disturbing. I want to sit her down and tell her that the noises he make he can not control and letting him outdoor is good for his health and well being. Max does have a loving family that cares for him and that is a great thing for him. For he is just a boy who is not harming anyone and giving love to his family.

That being said I feel for this kid because in my life when I was real young my folks were told i would never hear and i should be placed in a school for disabled children. When I went there as a 5 year old i didn’t know about that sorta thing but being there was scary and it lead to the nightmares i had and i didn’t want to go there. Thankfully thou a doctor saw that i had cp and other problems but not too bad that I couldn’t go to a regular school. Max will never have to deal with people talking behind your back like i had when i was growing up. Also people telling me what classes i can and can’t take. The empty feeling of not having a date to the prom. Wondering if i was a burden on my friends and family. People wondering why my hands shakes sometime. I have overcome these shortcoming and lived a good life with the love of my family and friends.

In this day and age thou people are more prone to speak their mind as long as no one know who their are. You can speak horrific things and get away from getting called out and shamed for it. That is the mindset of pro abortion people. They can call for the death of babies because they feel that it would be a hardship and burden to our health care and punished the lady who had the kid. The person who wanted Max dead is like the Nazi in Germany because they wanted the disabled to be cooked in a oven to purify the Aryan race of Hitler dream. We all know Max is not perfect but in god and his family eyes he is. So i’m glad his family chose life and the woman who sent the letter will never know the kind of love a person like Max can give her.

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