Obama rodeo clown i don't think you understand what its think it means.

This week Obama had to do another distraction this time with a rodeo clown in a Obama mask in Missouri. In a great blog post my friend Michelle Malkin pointed out the hypocrisy of the left by posting this blogpost http://michellemalkin.com/2013/08/14/10-images-mocking-george-w-bush-that-were-far-worse-than-a-harmless-rodeo-clown/ As you can see the left have done way worse with George Bush and don’t get me stated about Sarah Palin and many other conservatives.

The one thing about the left is they don’t see that the rodeo clown serve a purpose. The rodeo clown is there to protect the riders from the bucking horse or bull. So the truth is the rodeo clown portraying obama as a hero because if he doesn’t protect the rider the rider will get trampled on.

This is another shameful act to hide the fact while obama is partying in Martha Vineyard Egypt is burning. Snowden is still on the loose. IRS are still auditing conservatives groups. Also don’t forget Bengahzi and Fast and Furious. That’s ok just keep bringing on the distractions people will tire of this and will vote you out in November 2014.

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