Obama rocking out with our pocketbook out

This week President Obama is on a 8 day vacation in Martha Vineyard also known for the Ted Kennedy memorial dump your date in the river mixers. This little trip is costing the us taxpayers 7 millions dollars. He has said this is a working vacation. I’m sure glad he is figuring how to create jobs while playing golf.  Look Obama doesn’t seem to be worried about his sequester that is choking the life out of some programs that need to be running and protecting programs that need to die a pardon.

We are now in a nation that has 48 millions people on food stamp and 7.4% unemployment rate yet that last number sorta misleading because there is a  18.8 unemployment among blacks and many millions of people have stop looking for work. Yet the president is on vacation and plus the fact that BO the dog was airlifted on his own plane to the vacation spot is very costly to taxpayers. Plus he’s blaming republicans for all this when it’s all his and the democrats fault. First for creating obamacare a plan so hurtful that members of congress that voted for it got a exemption from it a few days ago.


It’s so bad that Dr. yes you heard me right Dr. Howard Dean said that there was death panel in the plan. Funny that what Gov. Sarah Palin said was in the plan yet people called her a liar and politifact had called it 2009 lie of the year.  Yet people are finding out that obamacare will need to rationed out medical care to keep obamacare running in the positive. So people better eat their veggies cause libs will want you to die quickly so they can have their obamacare even if it kills jobs and hurt the economy.

This is showing the world that his leadership is about leading from behind because he is non committed to helping our country. He said this last week that the Alaskan pipeline would only have 500 temp jobs. Yes that could be true but it would also create more lasting jobs around the area where the pipes are being laid down. Look at all the towns that sprang up during the building of the great transcontinental railway. Then when the great leader Dwight  Eisenhower build the I 70 highway across this great land many long terms jobs were created from building that road.

Yet here we are with a president that will never embrace rugged individualism. He expect the Government to save you from work and make you suck their teats from cradle to grave. I rather have someone who will never make the American people suffer while they play golf.  Unless you like seeing this image of your president.

Obama pose

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