Two cheers for Mitch McConnell

C’mon, let’s be honest…  back in January and February, you all thought (I did too) that Obamacare would pass months ago.  You all thought (I did too) that Snowe and Collins and maybe more would vote for it. 

It’s easy for those who have never had their name on the door to chide and scold, to second guess and to quarterback from the easy chair.  But let’s face it – Republicans don’t have the votes, and they don’t have the ability to buy people off to get them.  Republicans lost this fight when Mark Begich (endorsed by Red State) defeated Ted Stevens; when Al Franken wrested away the Minnesota Senate seat; when the Washington Post pulled out all the stops to defeat George Allen in 2006; when Bob Smith lost a close one in Oregon in 2008; when Arlen Specter (cheered on by many on this site) crossed the aisle or, to go further back, when the GOP establishment helped him hold off Pat Toomey in 2004, since Toomey probably would have won the general election that year;  when John Sununu lost in New Hampshire; and when Kay Hagan defeated Liddy Dole (yeah, we got rid of a RINO!).  

McConnell (and John Boehner) have done much better this year than most any of us would have predicted at the start of the year, and more importantly, than just about anyone else might have done.  They simply don’t have the votes.  It is pointless to sit around second guessing when there are still opportunities to be fighting this bill.  There may be people who could have done better, but I doubt there are many, and I don’t think there are any in the GOP caucus.  I am sick and tired of GOP infighting, blaming, and recriminations. 

There are still chances to stop this bill.  Stay focused on the task at hand.