Don't Forget Cal 10!

If you live out in California’s 10th Congressional District, east of the Bay, remember there is a special election today for Congress.  Democratic nominee John Garamendi has run an all out, down the line liberal campaign, including a hearty embrace of the most liberal health care reforms.  The district has been reliably Democratic for over a decade, and voted over 60% for Obama, but Republicans do win some down ballot races and the GOP candidate, David Harmer, has run a good, well-financed campaign.  Harmer is a solid conservative who once worked at the Heritage Foundation and has published with the Cato Institute.  A Harmer win would be a big upset, but it’s not at all inconceivable.  A win by Harmer – or even a strong showing – might do more than anything in the East Coast races to send moderate Democrats fleeing the Pelosi/Obama agenda.  If you’re out there, be sure to vote, make some calls, send some emails, and drag some friends to the polls to vote for Harmer.