Alright people, it's time to get to work for Chris Christie

I understand that for many conservatives, Chris Christie wasn’t the first choice for New Jersey Governor.  I understand that a lot of people have problems with the fact that Christie used to be pro-choice, and has only recently converted to a pro-life stance.  Doesn’t matter – if you live in New Jersey, do something – volunteer, donate, write a letter to the editor.  If you live elsewhere, send money. 

After Christie led all summer, this race has essentially become a deadheat, thanks to New Jersey’s Democratic electorate and Jon Corzine’s millions.  Corzine has outspent Christie about 10-1 over the summer, and is still outspending him about 3 to 1.  The polls are now showing this even.  Quinnipiac has Corzine up a point, his first lead in any poll this year.

A win for Christie is important, not only because he’d be a better governor than Corzine, but because a win will help in candidate recruitment, fundraising, and voter enthusiasm for the GOP.  The more signs there are that 2010 looks good, the more donors open their wallets, and potential candidates step up (meanwhile, the opposite happens to our friends on the Blue side of things).  So a Christie win is important for more conservative candidates in other races. 

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