Can the Economy be Restored by Destroying Perfectly Good Cars? Obama Thinks So. Cash For Clunkers in Action

Thanks to the glories of YouTube, we can watch as the government mandates the destruction of perfectly good automobiles to “help the economy.”  Here is a very nice 1990s Dodge Dakota 4X4 being destroyed.  It is a much better vehicle than my pick up truck. 

This is a Corvette that looks to be in pretty good condition.  Black, pretty sharp car.  I’m sure there are a lot of young men crammed into 2001 Nissans who would have liked this car.

In this video, a ’98 Cadillac DeVille with less than 80,000 miles meets its end.  Just 68,000 miles on this Chevy Caprice wagon.

A nice looking 2001 Mazda light truck with 75,000 miles bites the dust here.  Here’s a good looking Volvo prematurely destroyed.  This SUV would look at home in any tony U.S. suburb.

Really, you ought to look at at least a couple of these videos, and the hundreds more like them on YouTube.  Are these “clunkers?”  Can it really help the economy to destroy perfectly good assets?  Are the people running the government the most economically illiterate bunch since FDR ruled the roost?  Or are they dumber?

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