Shouldn't we be outraged?

Here’s Peter Beinart’s column in Time, and it’s damn insulting. Writes Beinart:

“[T]he McCain campaign’s strategy against Obama is actually kind of shocking. For years, the recipe for injecting race into a political campaign has been clear. … In the past, Republicans often used race to make their opponents seem anti-white. In 2008, with their incessant talk about who loves their country and who doesn’t, McCain and Palin are doing something different: they’re using race to make Obama seem anti-American.”

I’ve met Beinart, and he’s a reasonably smart guy. Why is it that dudes like Beinart can only attribute opposition to liberalism as racism? And isn’t it time for us to be a bit more vocal? Shouldn’t John McCain show some disgust? I’ve got no great brief for McCain, and I think Republicans are gradually coming to realize that he is the worst positioned of this year’s major GOP primary candidates to win the general election. But for all his faults, it is absolutely unfair and wrong to state, as Beinart doees, that McCain is racist or intentionally injecting race into the campaign. And it wouldn’t hurt for Senator McCain, typically so touchy about his honor, to call the Democrats out on this.

Republicans get all worked up about some idiotic “lipstick on a pig,” comment, like anyone should give a damn about that, but here a major columnist in our nation’s largest news weekly openly and flat out accuses us of intentionally campaigning on racist themes, and there’s silence. Maybe Republicans just figure it’s part of the landscape – liberals will call us racist… but maybe it’s time to fight back a bit. Beinart knows lots of conservatives – I met him at a party at the home of a prominent conservative. I wonder if Beinart would have walked up to that host and said, “you’re a bunch of racists.”? I think not. But he puts it in Time, and no one bats an eyebrow. Shouldn’t we be a bit more insulted, and a bit more angry?