Palin: Not a Home Run

I was on the road and in meetings all day yesterday, and playing golf and enjoying family today, so I haven’t commented on the Palin choice. By this time, there’s little that hasn’t been said elsewhere. I’ll just add this: this pick was not a home run – it was a grand slam. It was not a TD pass – it was 48 yard strike from midfield. It’s Hussein Bolt. It’s Michael Phelps. I’m getting calls from people – many of them people who had planned to sit the election out or vote for Libertarian Bob Barr – to say they’re now considering, or will be, voting for McCain.

For me, this is the first time I’ve felt upbeat about politics in years. Of course, Governor Palin has never seen scrutiny like she is about to see. Maybe she’ll wither, or goof. She is not invulnerable to the Democratic attacks that have already begun. It is still an uphill fight for McCain.

But this was a great pick – just what our party, and the country, need.