Fred Thompson makes the case for McCain (video)

Fred is back behind the desk (without the cigar) for a little serious talk about the direction of this country:

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I wish John McCain would make the Clinton “tax break” comparison. That’s good stuff.

Otherwise, (and I’m a huge Fred fan) I don’t see the point of this RNC-sponsored video. I don’t think undecided independents are asking themselves, “I wonder how Fred Thompson is voting?”. And it’s not like Tennessee needs some shoring up for McCain (he’s up 13 as of two weeks ago).

Maybe the point is, despite what Fred said in Arizona yesterday, to remind conservatives what could have been. For all his cons (and Jon Stewart’s hilarious Foghorn Leghorn jokes) we could have nominated a guy who talks about principles, not policies, and who does a surprisingly effective job talking about this election with historical context that is simplified, but not simplistic.

But I still have faith in the process, if not all of its participants. I think the party nominated a great man and a decent candidate, and I hope and pray that he wins on November 4.

(And then makes Fred the AG.)

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