Joe Biden responds to Fred Thompson

Allow me to preface this diary entry by saying that the combination of Fred Thompson and Sarah Palin have me excited about the race and the future of this country and party in a way I have not been since Fred ended his candidacy on Tuesday, January 22. It’s been a long few months, but it’s good to be back and to think (maybe naively) that FredCons are still important to the party.

Having said all that, Joe Biden (Obama’s gift to Republicans), has responded to Fred’s masterful speech at the RNCC:

I heard ‘Red October’ hunting for votes,” Biden said at the Harborside Event Center in Fort Myers, Fla., “and Fred got up there and said, ‘Well, the Democrats are going to raise your taxes, because they say they’re not going to raise taxes, but they’re going to raise taxes on business and that’s going to affect your food.’

“Let me tell you something,” Biden said. “I don’t know why we need to give another tax break to Exxon Mobil. … These guys made $600 billion. Six hundred billion in profit has been made by the oil companies since 2000, and John McCain wants to give them another $5 billion tax break.””So, Fred,” Biden said, addressing a man not in the room, “Fred, look at me. We’re gonna make sure you don’t get another tax break, because I’m going to give the tax break to the people right here in this room.”


Let’s see what all this Biden speech tells us about Joe Biden:

First, Joe Biden says he is smarter than we are: “he ‘know(s) as much as anyone in government about’ national security and foreign policy.”

Second, Joe evidently thinks that Fred Thompson owns Exxon. As an aside, I have no idea if Fred owns Exxon stock, but I bet most of us have some of it in a mutual fund or 401(k).

Third, Joe “higher IQ than me” Biden has once again confused brigades and battallions. (This makes three times this week.)

Fourth, Joe thinks he’s at the top of the ticket: “We’re stepping up to the ball here, the Biden — excuse me, the Obama-Biden administration,” Biden said.

Fifth: Joe is a class warfare guy who wants Fred to pay more taxes, but doesn’t want his audience to pay more taxes. I had no idea Fort Myers, FL, was such a destitute place.

Sixth, Joe is very, very brave. One should not call out Fred Thompson and expect Fred Thompson not to respond. I’ve always thought Fred would have been particularly good at the “attack-dog” part of the V.P. candidate’s job, and Joe Biden just invited him to take that role. Strong work, Joe.

Bonus: I wonder how close Ft Myers is to the Villages?

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