Protect, don't condemn the Second Amendment

My commentary today is in response to the shocking “Opinion” of Thom Anderson in the Morning News (Florence, SC).  The title of this opinion is Second Amendment to gun nuts like booze to alcholics .

Shame on you Mr. Anderson! Of all people who should hold the Constitution of the United States of America in sacred awe, it should be a former newspaper editor. Throughout your career in the newspaper business, how many times have you seen Freedom of speech and the press attacked. I would hope you defended those First Amendment rights. I hope you did not go along with those who said the free press is one reason our country is violent, disenchanted, angry and commit crimes of hate because of articles and opinions that were, and still are, written in newspapers and magazines across the country. I hope you don’t believe a muzzle should be put over the mouth of all reporters and commentators on the radio and television programs. I certainly hope you don’t want to control the voice of people speaking out on blogs and other avenues on the internet.

The same principles and freedoms are provided by the Second Amendment for those of us who believe the only way to make sure our country remains free is to believe in all of our rights as vested in the Constitution.

Yes, there are those who exploit and abuse all laws and rights. Just like the alcoholic abuses alcohol there are those who use firearms for no good. How about the millions of people who own and use firearms with respect and responsibly?

History has shown those who want to take over governments must first control the people. Throughout history dictators, tyrants, Facists and socialists have first, gained control of the free press, second, enacted laws to limit or take away the rights of the people to bear arms, then take control of major industry, oil companies and financial entities.

Doesn’t all of this sound familiar?

In reference to what the founding fathers intended, they intended for the people to have control over the government, not the other way around.

Turning your statement around just a bit, I say,

If the Founders now can look down on earth and watch early 21st Century America, they must wonder if the people of this country have the stamina and strenghth of charactor to hold against those “liberals” who would throw in the towel and let this country of liberty be given to those who want to rule instead of serve the people.

I agree there are those who rant and rave spewing words of hate. There always have been and will be forever. That’s why the rest of us must be protective of our rights and use a little common sense and restraint to make sure we can hold things together.

If you believe in the Constitution, you must believe it is your duty to protect it.