One Person At Fault, The Person Who Pulled The Trigger

I hope everyone will continue to pray for all of the victims of the horrible tragedy in Tucson.

In the aftermath of the event I was very pleased to see that most of my “blogger commentator” comrades refrained from making wild, inflammatory and uninformed postings.

I am greatly disappointed with the mainstream media outlets, such as CNN, FOX, MSNBC, and all of the networks, for the way they are covering this event.

I am even more disappointed in the way some politicians and activists jumped in within minutes of the shooting and started casting blame on everyone except the “mentally disturbed shooter”.

Sarah Palin and her targeted map did not cause this incident. Rush Limbaugh did not give the shooter reloads after he emptied his first magazine. The entertainer, Glenn Beck, did not take this man to the gun shop to purchase the weapon. The focal Tea Party activists did not drive this man to the store and say go shoot someone.

Likewise, no one on the left side of the isle did anything to encourage or cause this event to take place.

Although I don’t necessarily agree with all of these people’s over the top presentations and acting, they are not  the guilty parties.

As I was thinking about this terrible event, I remembered just last week I made a comment about not approaching the next elections with a shotgun approach. I stated we must take laser sharp aim at particular districts and seats to make sure the right candidates get elected. I certainly don’t believe I contributed to this massacre.

The blame for this tragedy lies with one man. The one who pulled the trigger!

For the next few weeks, or until the media has another tragedy to cover, this event will be the only “major” news of the day. There will be so much analysis from so many experts we may all go crazy.

We will start hearing about the need for gun control. There will be a call to sacrifice the Constitution so the bad guys can’t legally obtain a gun.

Folks, as bad as this may sound, this catastrophe has happened before and it will happen again. You can not stop the crazies and criminals from doing anything if they want to do it bad enough. However, we can not join the ranks of the extremists who want to exploit things like this shooting.

We must learn from the event.

We must mourn for the victims and their families.

We must move forward.