Obama/Pelosi Puppet Could Be Out In South Carolina Race

One of the most important and exciting races in the country is taking place in the U.S. Congressional (5th District) in South Carolina. This race has the potential to actually change what goes on in Washington, D.C.

The Kentucky Derby can only dream of having a more exciting race. With only thirty-one (31) days until voters make the final results known, this race is neck and neck.

Get ready everyone. You are about to face a stampede of mass mailings, social media and TV ads. You have already seen propaganda from both candidates and from the State party organizations. You have received mailers from other groups such as the 60 Plus Association and you can expect more. Whatever the source, most of messages will start turning negative. These by-products of politics are inevitable in a close and heated race. I personally don’t care who fires the first shot or who retaliates.

What matters to me is that everyone in the district will take time to sift through the “stuff” and look at the records and facts. What matters to me is that the winning candidate will work for me, the betterment of South Carolina and the United States of America. What matters to me is that the winner will seriously work to make our government a functional  entity that will save this country.
I believe the conservative candidate, State Senator Mick Mulvaney (R) has the stronger message. Mulvaney is telling everyone, in various open forums, what he wants to do when he gets to Washington, DC. Mulvaney talks on the record and in public. Mick Mulvaney is talking about the future, not the past.

Jim Spratt is in trouble because he is campaigning on long past accomplishments. Unlike Mulvaney,  Spratt does not understand the basic concept, whether in business or politics, “It’s not what you did for me yesterday. It’s what you are doing for me today and will be doing for me tomorrow that counts.”  I might point out it says “for me, not to me”.

Spratt has contributed while in office. I would hope so. Spratt has been in Washington for 28 years; that being one of the problems. Since being in Washington, Spratt has mellowed. He no longer challenges the status quo; he has become part of the system and a puppet for the Obama/Pelosi regime. If you don’t believe that is possible, just consider his recent record.

Jim Spratt voted for the current Health Program and continues to defend his vote. The Congressional Record shows Jim Spratt as Co-Sponsor of the $787 billion bailout and records his vote for the bill. There are just too many instances of Jim Spratt’s increasingly far left-wing politics to list. You can find all you can stand by surfing the web, including the fact that Spratt has voted and supported the regime on 98% of their programs.

Don’t waste time asking Spratt about his record or future plans. Spratt has made it quite clear he will not talk in public where his comments can be recorded or put on video.

Folks, the race is in the last lap. Do your homework. Look at the facts. Look at reality.

Get out and vote on November 2nd. Don’t forget you can vote early or absentee.