The Invincible Charlie Rangel

There’s an old saying  that says, “There’s no game like politics.”

Who, but Charlie Rangel (D) could have a successful career and  be loved and admired by thousands in the 15th Congressional District in Harlem. Rangel has accomplished all of this while at the same time facing 13 ethics charges, some that really could be prosecuted in civil or criminal court. Who else could sit in Washington throwing stones in a glass house and not have one piece of glass break and cut him? Charlie Rangel. Who will  be going back to Washington ,”a stronger man”, after crushing five other primary candidates? Charlie Rangel.

Charlie Rangel has been in the House of Representatives since Methuselah was an infant (1971). Odds are Charlie Rangel will be in office at the Second Coming.

Was it important to the Obama/Pelosi plan for Charlie Rangel to win this primary? Just as important as it is for a table to have four legs. With Rangel still in the House, we have the “new gang of 4”,  Obama, Pelosi, plus South Carolina’s own Jim Clyburn and  Jim Spratt.

Now, that’s a gang.

South Carolina, what are you going to do?