Plan To Burn Quran is Wrong

The Rev. Terry Jones is ready to light the match and burn copies of the Quran on Sept 11. Rev. Jones says this act is an effort to eliminate the the “religion of the devil”. He says the Muslim religion is a religion of hate, intolerance and extremist. Rev. Jones says he has “the constitutional right” to proceed with this religious protest.

I may catch the wrath of some of my fellow conservatives, but I don’t see how anything good can come out of this planned, media hyped up charade.

I remember very distinctly being told that this country was founded on the principles of freedom of religion, the tolerance of other people’s faith and the right to practice that religion openly without fear of persecution and physical harm. I am pretty sure that this subject is well documented in a piece of parchment called The Constitution of the United States of America, the same document that Rev. Jones says protects his rights.

So, what’s the upside of this protest?

Well, this little church in Gainesville, Florida is now world renown. They are about to become a part of American and Muslim history. This little church is about to exhibit America’s tolerance for diversity of beliefs. We are about to see how some Christians (the religion of love, peace, and forgiveness) practice their beliefs.

The downside to this burning includes all of those listed benefits (sarcasm) in the proceeding paragraph. In addition, these actions are only throwing fuel on the fire of hate and fear that has risen in this country since that terrible day in the City of New York. What would these same people, who plan on burning Quran, say if some “extremist religious group” amassed a pile of the King James Version of the Holy Bible and set a torch to them? What a silly question, we know what they would say.

Last, and certainly not the least of the cons to the burning, is the propaganda benefits that the radical extremists will have to perpetuate their “Holy War” against the west…primarily America. Have we not learned anything? Must we keep giving the true radical extremists more reasons to kill the soldiers and other citizens of America and her allies?

Rev. Jones, go ahead an burn the Quran. But remember this, there may be hell to pay.