President Obama, would you please visit my backyard?

I am so proud of President Obama.

Can you imagine the bravery it took to enter into someone’s backyard and have an open discussion about what’s happening in America? It must really be difficult to step out and face “average America” in their own backyard with such a hostile audience. I would be filled with terror if I had to face this group with prepared questions and comments. And the President’s responses. The same canned responses we have heard for eighteen months. A truly scary, stressful situation.

Mr. President, want a real backyard discussion?

I will get with the local Democratic, Republican and the other registered party chairpersons in the Pee Dee area of South Carolina and arrange this event. Each person will be allowed to pick, at random, an equal number of citizens off the street, in a grocery store, in the unemployment line and and in a school. Each will be allowed to bring a farmer, college student and law enforcement officer. While we’re at it, let’s bring someone from the textile and fishing industries. Since we have a large number of retirees and veterans, we should invite at least one each.

No one will be allowed to ask the selected persons if they are affiliated with any political party, if they are registered voters, do they vote or other qualifying questions.

We will all meet back at the house and have a real Q & A. We will let these people ask the questions and let you give them the solution to their problems and concerns.

Let’s not forget the media. No CNN, MSNBC, Fox or other national media. We will use local media outlets. Those young guns that are willing to ask “inappropriate questions” and actually care about what is happening in their hometown. You know the kind. Those wanting to make a name for themselves.

Let me know if you are interested in this proposition? I’ll need to get plenty of mosquito repellent and mist blowers.

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