Enough With The Race Card!

Have you heard about the latest politician (numb skull) to play the race card as he campaigned in Texas?

Bill White, Democratic candidate for governor, was giving a little talk before a group of “African American” business and civic leaders at a Dallas cafeteria when the card was thrown on the table. Talking about his opponent, incumbent Republican Rick Perry, Mr. White (ironic isn’t it?) said, “We need a governor who is a servant as opposed to Rick Perry who wants to be treated as a master”.

Now come on Mr. White. Would you have made that comment to a group of “Caucasian” constituents? Of course not.

Playing the race card is politics at its worst. Why in this day and time does anyone feel compelled to be so idiotic? Why do they feel they must perpetuate the need to pit one race against another? Isn’t it about time to realize we are all human beings and should be treated as such with honor and dignity?

Well, in Mr. White’s defense (for lack of better terms) let’s agree that he is not the only person to play a one card game. Just this week Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (D-NY) added his two cents worth to the game by saying “I don’t know anyone of Hispanic heritage who could be a Republican.”

People we consider intelligent and beyond such demeanor have also made racist remarks. Who would ever think Bill Clinton would say “”A few years ago this guy would have been getting us coffee.” when referring to then presidential candidate Barrack Obama? Then there is Joe Biden’s “You cannot go to a 7-11 or Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent”.

I can hear you now. “Uncle Bill, all these people are Democrats. Republicans have also played the race card.” Sure they have. This card game is an “equal opportunity” game and offender.

The only reason I mention these people is that their party is “presumed” to be the party of minorities. This presumption in itself is a bunch of bologna and racist.

When are we going to realize that every American, regardless of their heritage, is an American? They are not Caucasian American. They are not African-American, Hispanic American, Jewish American, Muslim American or any other such nonsense. We are all simply American.

I believe that some people, not just politicians, feel the need to continue to play the race card to perpetuate the atmosphere of fear, jealousy, shame and blame. I think these people are nothing more than a bunch of vampires feeding on real people.

I don’t care if the offenders are politicians, the person on the street, ethnic organizations or the pastor behind a pulpit, enough is enough!

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