Arizona: The New Battlefield for States Rights

Let’s play a game.

Let’s pretend we are crossing the border into a sovereign nation. Wait, let’s make this more exciting. Let’s say we do not have a passport, entry permit or visa. Now, let’s throw in a couple of pistols, shotguns or automatic weapons. What the heck, let’s add some kidnapping victims and some drugs. I don’t think we want to be so obvious , so let’s mingle with a few other people that look just like us, but without our toys. History has shown that the odds are in our favor of making this crossing successfully. This is especially true since we are entering the United States along the Mexico/USA border.

This scenario takes place every day along our borders. It is estimated that as many as 12-20 million illegal aliens are living in the United States as you read this blog. Not all are drug smugglers. Not all carry weapons or deal in “the slave markets”. Many are people that are simply looking for a better way of life. But, they do have several things in common. They are here illegally; they are breaking our laws; they are costing this country billions of dollars.

Several small towns, large cities and states are trying to stem the tide of illegal aliens from pouring into their locales. After decades of trying to get the federal government to enforce immigration laws, they have decided it is time to provide for their own safety and security. While the federal government sits on its buttocks, these few entities have said, “We are tired of waiting. We must defend ourselves!”

The State of Arizona has become the battlefield for the cause.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has drawn the symbolic line in the sand and has challenged not only the illegal immigrants, but the United States government. Arizona has told the illegals to get out and stay out or they will be arrested and prosecuted. Arizona has told the federal government to do it’s job, or we will protect ourselves.

How has the Obama administration responded? Let’s see.

First, there was a promise to send 1200 National Guard troops to help protect the border. Well, not exactly. Troops will be sent, but they will not have weapons and most will be in observation and support positions. Okay, no boots on the ground only rear ends setting in Washington. And as of today, where are those troops? Oh yes, apparently the Senate told AZ Senator they would support sending up to 6000 troops. More no-shows.

Second, the Obama administration sues the  State of Arizona to prevent her from protecting herself. Doesn’t anyone find it just a little odd that a government that will not, or can not protect it’s sovereignty and the safety and security of it’s citizens will not let those same citizens protect themselves? Isn’t it odd that the confirmation of such a law suit was announced by our Secretary of State in a country where people are leaving to enter the USA illegally? Why didn’t Secretary Clinton have the guts to visit Phoenix for such an announcement? Suppose she was wanting to be a “friendly soil”.

I would encourage everyone to print and study the Arizona bill at


I ask the courts to recognize the States rights to protect and defend themselves.

I ask you to contact your state and federal representatives and ask, no tell them, that you want all states to be allowed to exercise their rights to protect their borders and citizens.

Until next time…