Seattle Times readers endorse Watkins by 6 to 1

James Watkins has been running an excellent campaign for WA-1 against incumbent Inslee. He’s been positive, fiscally conservative, pro-jobs, and made the case for why 10 years is long enough for Inslee.

The Seattle Times editorial board has made a straight-ticket Democrat endorsement for Congress, including Jay Inslee.  The further irony was that the Times has a “Reset 2010” theme for this election cycle and pledging a return to fiscal sanity.

Their endorsement was eye-opening on how low the Time’s bar is for incumbent democrats. Fortunately, the readers were actually awake enough to call them out on it. I counted 63 pro-Watkins comments versus 10 pro-Inslee comments. Hence I joke that while the Seattle Times’ editorial board is obligated to endorse the incumbent democrat, the Seattle Times’ readers endorse James Watkins.

It’s one thing to have bias, but the times couldn’t even give an accurate description.

The Times claimed Inslee was an “independent”. Inslee has voted a 99% party line and votes with Pelosi 95% of the time. By-definition, that’s extreme-partisan and not independent.

The Times claimed “Inslee is also worried about the deficit and is ready and positioned to do something about it.” Inslee’s voting record has driven up the deficit by trillions of dollars. The stimulus, Cap and Trade, and Obamacare alone are each trillion dollar policies that Inslee has strongly voted for.

The bottom line is that Inslee is a hyper-partisan guy who’s voted for trillions of dollars of debt. Calling him an independent and fiscal conservative is an insult to the readers.