Meet James Watkins (R candidate, WA-1)

James Watkins is running for 1st congressional district in Washington State against Democrat incumbent (and career politician) Jay Inslee.

James is a small business guy who knows how to create jobs and he’s a true fiscal conservative. He’s a serious candidate with an impressive resume in the private sector. He’s not a career politician, understands what government’s limited role should be, and has actually shrunk the government when he briefly worked at the FDIC. He has exactly the skills we need right now in Congress.

While we haven’t had our primary yet, it’s clear James is the obvious frontrunner. He wins straw polls 80%-20%, he’s had endorsements from the tea party movement, from the grassroots (like the PCOs), and top Republican leaders in the state like attorney general Rob McKenna. Inslee’s been entrenched for over a decade. We can’t wait until after the primary (2 months before the general election) to come together to replace Inslee.

James is the first serious challenger Inslee has had in about a decade and James can win this with our help.

Inslee and a record of bad votes

Jay Inslee votes with Nancy Pelosi 99% of the time, and has a “Pelosi Index” of 100% (number of votes with Pelosi on key bills). Voters are realizing that it doesn’t matter what Inslee tells them because he’s just going to vote with Pelosi anyway.

Inslee has taken horrible positions voting for Cap-and-Trade, Obamacare, and the trillion dollar Stimulus. While voters want Inslee to focus on jobs, he’s been pushing legislation that drives up debt and hurts our economy.

Sometimes I wonder if Inslee realizes that his votes are actually public.

He’s not nice to constituents when they ask hard questions. Voters are noticing.

Polling shows Inslee is vulnerable

An earlier poll showed Inslee’s re-elect at 37%. A more recent poll shows further bad news for Inslee:

  • Almost half of district Democrats no longer support Inslee.
  • One out of three Democrats are undecided about their vote.
  • Among independents, James beats Inslee by over 35 points.
  • Less than half of all voters support Inslee.


We can tell Inslee is getting scared. Inslee is normally disengaged from the voters. As the polls have come in, Inslee started writing editorials for the local paper, hosted a wave of sudden townhalls, and started sending out newsletters. Inslee knows he’s in trouble.


Help us win!

Yeah, WA state is a tough place if you don’t have a D next to your name. But this is the year. Inslee lost in ’94 and he’s going to lose again in 2010. The bottom line is that James has the right background and message, Inslee has been horrible, and the polls are showing it.


There are lots of ways you can support James. Even if you’re not in the district, you can send him a donation, follow him on facebook here and send a word of encouragement, or blog about the race.